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Tollo Linear is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and the quality work is a top priority in all processes throughout the entire company. We continuously work to improve all aspects of our business and our Quality Policy and the Fortive Business System are our main tools to do so. The Certificates can be downloaded as a pdf in higher resolution below.
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Quality Policy

Tollo Linear AB develops, manufactures and sells mechanical and electromechanical components and systems.

Tollo's goal is that products should met or exceed the customers expectations. This is achieved by continuous improvement with the least possible impact on the environment. The use of FBS (Fortive Business System) tools creates lean processes throughout the business.

Tollo's work should be characterized by renewal and transparency through close cooperation with customers and suppliers, where we listen, interpret and carry out missions to the customer's expectations.

Tollo's goal is to meet customers requirements for:
The quality of the products, foremost regarding reliability and customization

By working with PD (Policy Deployment) we define long-term goals and establish annual indicators, KPI (Key Performance Indicators), which are measured and analyzed regularly. Through these practices we fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001.

Fortive Business System (FBS)

Success at Fortive doesn't just happen. We have a proven system for achieving it. The Fortive Business System. The Fortive Business System (FBS) is who we are and how we operate. From evaluating acquisitions and driving new product development to streamlining factory operations and providing our employees with development opportunities, FBS is the foundation of everything we do. FBS is the cornerstone of our culture and our ultimate competitive advantage. It drives every aspect of our work, our strategy and our performance. We use FBS to guide our decisions, measure how well we execute and develop innovative ways to do even better.


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